Every Bride’s Worst Nightmare

October 6th was a day I had been anticipating for the past 7 years.

It was the day I finally got  to say “I Do” to Nolan. The mix of emotions I was experiencing the days leading up to the wedding were indescribable. Then, October 6th I awoke with a great sense of calm. For some inexplicable reason, October 6th was a bright, sunny, 70 degree fall day. So far it has proven to be the last warm day of the year.

My mom and I stayed at the hotel the night before, and my bridesmaids and my friend Lauren who did my hair and make up met up with us bright and early.

Pretty hot huh?

Before we knew it, it was time for the dress. Up until that day, only my mom and my grandmother had seen my wedding dress.

My necklace was something old, borrowed, and blue. It was my great grandmother’s sapphire necklace. She and my grandmother both wore it on their wedding day. I’m not gunna lie, I felt a bit like throwing it off the side of a boat at the end of the night. 🙂 Titanic much?!


It was the perfect afternoon. The photographer was early, the flowers were early, and the limo was right on time. The girls hopped into the limo and headed over to the chapel to make sure all the men were there and dressed…appropriately.

When it returned, my parents and I were anxiously waiting to hop in! Everything was going so well, until the limo ride took a turn for the worst…literally. Imagine our surprise when the limo pulled into the wrong church. Everyone came out to greet the limo only to discover the wrong bride inside!!!


Apparently there was another bride getting ready at my hotel. I got into the wrong limo! Worst. Nightmare. Ever. All I could think of was poor Nolan thinking I wasn’t coming.

After a mini meltdown, some death threats, and the wrath of my persuasive mother, the driver reluctantly agreed to bring us to the chapel before picking up the other bride and we arrived at the chapel 20 minutes late. HOWEVER it actually worked out for the best because the wedding before us ran an hr late and about 10 of our own friends and family members arrived late as well.

Luckily, with all the anxiety and stress, I was just relieved and excited when we got to the chapel and I didn’t ball my eyes out.

The ceremony was perfect, from Nolan dropping his ring, to me reciting my vows in my “teacher voice”, loud enough for all to hear, apparently even if they were across the street.

After the ceremony we were lucky enough to take lots of pictures outside at the Grist Mill across the street. I cannot wait to see how they came out. 🙂 Nolan and I hopped into the RIGHT limo this time and headed on over to our reception. The hotel was amazing, and even extended our reception an extra 1/2 hr because we were late.

When we arrived, we were ready to get the party started!!!!!

One of the best parts of the night was my dance with my dad. With everything that’s been going on with him, I was just relieved he could stand up, let alone dance with me. But dance he did, singing along the whole time

To be honest, I didn’t actually breath until half way through the reception. I know this sounds terrible, but I just kept waiting for something to go wrong. But no matter how long I waited, nothing went wrong. 🙂

And to top it all off, we ended the night with “the lift”

Oh yes friends, dirty dancing style! It was awesome. 🙂

I have no regrets. Ok, maybe if I could do it all again I wouldn’t get into the wrong limo again. But other than that  it was perfect because it was all us. The whole day was Nolan and I to a T. Nothing over the top, just great food, fun, family, friends, a few quirky moments, and lots of laughs.

It was a perfect day. 🙂



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