The New Me!

Hey everyone! TGIF! Considering this is my first week back to work from vacation, it’s actually going by pretty fast. It has been a very proactive week.  I am officially a Sullivan! This week I had the tedious job of driving to all the major government offices and changing my name.

I have to work on that signature.

We have actually been total slackers this week. We still haven’t done laundry or unpacked. Terrible. We have, however, been making some pretty amazing dinners. We are planning on going grocery shopping this weekend so for now we are pretty much running on empty.

Tuesday night I did make a quick stop at the grocery store for milk and bread and deli meat. While I was there I picked up a few ingredients to make a nice meal for my hubby. 🙂

I finally used the red wine pasta I received last month from my foodie penpal!!!

At the store I also picked up some Alfredo sauce, and broccoli. As I passed the seafood counter, I noticed that shrimp was on sale for $4.99 a pound so I got 1/2 a pound to throw over the pasta.

Dinner was on the  table when Nolan got home from work. I’m such a good wife. 🙂

This pasta was out of this world good! It tasted homemade. I wasn’t overly impressed with this Alfredo sauce, but it did the trick. A + dinner all around.

The next night, Nolan returned the favor. In the morning I defrosted some pork and was greeted with some phenomenal smells when I got home. As I walked down the hall to our apartment I was praying they were coming from our apartment. I’m so lucky to have married a great cook. 🙂

He took our pork tenderloins and made a dry rub of Montreal Pork and cayenne pepper.

With the apples we still have leftover from apple picking, he made his own apple sauce. A man of my heart. 🙂 He used cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg.

The combo of the spicy rub on the pork and the sweet taste of the apple sauce was incredible. So much flavor. Truly a great combo.

On our honeymoon, we discussed many things. One thing we agreed on was that we need to step it up when it comes to cooking. We have started settling on several go-to recipes, and we haven’t done as much experimenting lately. We are currently searching for new recipes and ingredients to spice up our life in the kitchen. Anyone have any suggestions???

Well tonight I have a very exciting night of pumpkin carving and Halloween movies ahead of me. 🙂 I just love this time of year. Enjoy the day!


What is your favorite Halloween movie?


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