Ugh this week has been painful. Thank god we are turning the clocks back soon because this whole, dark morning thing is making it very difficult to get out of bed. I rolled over this morning to see if I had either 1 or 2 hrs left before I had to get up, only to discover I had 3 minutes until the alarm went off. It was the most depressed I’ve ever been!

I am sorry to admit that I have not been taking food photos lately. Bad blogger.

I have however, been on a fitness kick that certainly seems to be working.

Saturday: 3 mile run at Cushing

Sunday: 45 minute walk at the dog park

Monday: 4 mile run at Cushing

Tuesday: 2 mile jog with Brian and various calisthenics

Wednesday: rest

While my pants still don’t fit, I do feel so much better and I’ve lost about 3 pounds. I can already see a change in my metabolism as well.  Tonight I have volleyball so I’m sure to get a good workout. I am always so sore after the 2 hr session.

I am pretty excited for this weekend! I am going to Halloween parties Friday and Saturday night, and Sunday I am doing a Halloween themed 5k with Kara! I went out after work yesterday to find a costume and let me tell you, it was not easy!

Slutaween is in full effect once again.

Five Alarm Fire Girl Sexy Firefighter Adult

CPR Nurse Adult Costume

Sultry Snow White Adult Costume

Sexy Sailor Adult Costume

Sequin Dorothy Adult Costume

I have never been one for overly reveling costumes (with the slight exception of my early college years).



(same costume just died blue and bam, fairy)





After much debate, I settled on this:

Time Out Referee Teen Costume

It was probably the least slutty costume there was and one of the cheapest…coincidence? lol . With a few accessories I’m going as a replacement ref and I plan on throwing many unnecessary flags. 🙂 I can also throw on some bike shorts and sneakers and be appropriate and comfy for the 5 k.  Now I just have to find something for Nolan to wear. He is a bit pickier than I am. Any thoughts?

Have a good one!



Are you dressing up for Halloween?

What was your best costume?


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