Bad morning everyone. and I have been for about 2 days now.

This morning, I am putting a new spin on the classic “things that make me smile” post and instead listing things that make me grumpy this week.

Here are a few things that have been making me grumpy.

  • It’s too dark in the morning and I hate getting out of bed
  • Some guy at volleyball last night made a snide comment about “playing like a girl” to a teammate of mine and it totally set me off.
  • The Keurig is still broken.
  • My pants still don’t fit. I didn’t lose 10 pounds in 4 days. …shocker.
  • I burned my arm on the oven
  • my “tan” from vacation is fading

I just cannot get out of this funk. My recent pessimism is becoming a problem. When I am grumpy I get really feisty and some may say …..bitchy? I got into a huge fight with Nolan on Wednesday over beef stew. I refused to even let him kiss me goodnight and I stomped around slamming doors like a 5  2 yr old. Over beef stew.

I am hoping this weekend’s Halloween festivities will put me in a better mood. Sorry for the negative post but sometimes you just have a bad day (s).

Here are some grumpy animals:





How do you get out of a grumpy phase?

Doing anything fun this weekend?


8 thoughts on “Grumpy

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your grumpyness you have going on lately. Take a deep breath, and just remember reasons in your life that your thankful for ❤ I promise it'll work!

    Have fun this weekend girl xo

  2. Ok first, those picture are hilarious and I was laughing through the end of your post!

    Second, don’t feel too badly. We all have grumpy days (and grumpy moments with people we love – that can include slamming doors) but I do think sometimes rather than waiting for it to go away, you have to make some plans that will force you out of the funk!

    I usually:
    1. Plan a date with the fiance (not stay in, go out – even for just a walk – get fro yo and talk)
    2. Clean (i know that sounds NOT fun, but afterwards you feel calm and relaxed in a nice clean place)
    3. Get enough sleep! (My number one reason for being grumpy is not enough sleep)
    4. Treat yourself to dunkin or good coffee this weekend while your keurig is broken (or buy some starbucks via so you have something in the meantime)
    5. Plan a girl’s night! I swear, spending just a few hours with a couple of my close friends – making dinner, chatting, watching movies – always leaves me feeling content.
    6. Buy some healthy groceries, and get a few walks or runs in this weekend. By knowing you’re eating well and getting some physical activity in – you won’t focus on the pounds so much!

    Hope you have a great weekend and feel better!

    • Hhahahaha I am glad you liked the animals. It made me less grumpy just searching for them. It’s funny you mentioned some of these tips because I did do some of those this weekend and they certainly helped. Nolan and I went out for dinner one night, and I was in bed by 8;30. Sleep definitely did me good! I also got in lots of walks/runs this weekend and it really helped me clear my head. 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Love your grumpy pictures! They made me smile, you should look up Colonel Meow… he is a pretty funny grumpy kitty too #spreadthefrown. I have the hardest time getting out of bed early now too 😦 I just joined a gym but end up going after work because I can barely get up on time for work much less an hour earlier than that! When I am grumpy I usually go watch a favorite show or movie… or seek out someone to cheer me up. I got into a fight with my friend on Monday because I was grumpy and I was not very mature either lol. Hope you feel better!

    • Thank you for introducing me to Colonel Meow! too funny. It’s always nice to hear that everyone has immature grumpy times, as silly as that sounds. Luckily I had lots of help cheering up this weekend and I feel much better. 🙂

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