New Playlist

I am so proud of my physical activity this week. I haven’t been working out on a regular basis since July but I am off to a great start!

Saturday: 3 mile run at Cushing

Sunday: 45 minute walk at the dog park

Monday: 4 mile run at Cushing

Tuesday: 2 mile jog with Brian and various calisthenics

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 2 hr volleyball session

Friday: rest

Saturday: 5 mile run at Cushing

Sunday: 5k in Lowell

I do owe a big part of my success to my new playlist. It was time to revamp my tunes, and put together a motivating track list. Once again, please do not judge my eclectic taste in music. I really am all over the place.

Cleanin’ Out My Closet- Eminem

Set It Off – Girl Talk

Put Your Hands Up – Matchbox Twenty

Starlight – Muse

Right Me Up – State Radio

Panic Switch – Silversun Pickups

Thrash Unreal – Against Me!

Parade – Matchbox Twenty

Sprawl II – Arcade Fire

Stronger – Britney Spears

Love Gun – Cee Lo Green

B*tch Please II – Eminem

Don’t Stop  – Girl Talk

Downfall – Matchbox Twenty

Skyfall – Adele

See I told you. Excellent huh? It certainly did the trick. Every track made me excited and totally took my mind off the fact that I was running…. haha

Enjoy what is left of the weekend!



Currently, what is your favorite song to exercise to?


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