What Makes A Great Breakfast Joint?

This morning Nolan and I went to J&M Diner for breakfast.

Nolan’s family has a long history with the owners of this diner, and many of them worked here at one time or another. This was only the second time I had ever eaten here but it was just as good as I remembered.

There are several criteria that Nolan and I look for in a great breakfast place.

  1. great coffee
  2. quality homefries – thick chunks that are slightly crispy
  3. creative specials
  4. quick service

J&M has all of these things!

Breakfast is the hardest thing for me to order at a restaurant because there isn’t a breakfast food I don’t love. I could easily eat eggs, bacon, pancakes and home fries all day long. After much debate I went with one of their specials which was a western style omelet with bacon on a plain bagel with home fries on the side.

I promise I only managed to eat half of this and the rest is in the fridge.  It was delicious! The eggs were fluffy and the veggies inside were cooked perfectly, with a little bit of crunch. The bagel was toasted so it successfully supported all the insides.

Nolan went with a buffalo chicken omelet with bacon. (Shocker)

He also only managed to eat half before throwing in the towel.  I did steal a bite and it was very good. If it wasn’t riddled with blue cheese I would have loved it!

It was certainly a great way to start my Tuesday. I plan to get in a run, some shopping, and a little housework on the rest of my unexpected day off. 🙂


Do you have a favorite breakfast place? What do you typically order?

Which meal is the hardest for you to order? Why?



2 thoughts on “What Makes A Great Breakfast Joint?

  1. Omg, yum, this looks delicious! I am always searching for a good breakfast diner type place outside of Boston, I swear there just aren’t enough! I love a good breakfast sandwich (with fluffy bagels or homemade english muffins) and crispy homefries. I want breakfast again now!

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