WIAW: Pomogranates & Popcorn

Happy Halloween and welcome to yet another What I Ate Wednesday. With the exception of dinner, this is what I ate on Monday Oct. 29th.

Peas and Crayons


I just could not figure out what I wanted for breakfast so I made myself a little breakfast sampler platter.

  1. Egg scramble with 1 egg, 1 egg white, and mixed veggies.
  2. Arnold protein plus bread toasted with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese.
  3. A grapefruit.


Last week we made some beef stew using this recipe because we had sooo many carrots from our farm share, if you couldn’t tell.


Pomegranates! I love these little gems

and some popcorn!


Friday, Nolan and I went to Legal Seafood for dinner. We had actually never been to this famous seafood chain, so we were extra excited when we received a gift card. The atmosphere was romantic and we felt slightly under dressed in jeans.

We started with the crispy calamari appetizer. It’s calamari 3 different ways!

Crispy Montauk Calamari
• regular
• spicy
• Thai style (pineapple and peanuts)

Nolan is a huge calamari fan and I am slowly becoming one myself. They were crispy, but not overly breaded. The calamari wasn’t rubbery at all but was very fresh tasting and addictive. We managed to eat about 1/2 of the platter and had the other half wrapped up to go!

For our entrees, Nolan went with the fisherman’s platter.

Fisherman’s Platter
shrimp, scallops, calamari, clams & scrod

Just like the calamari, the breading wasn’t too thick or overpowering. The seafood was certainly the star of this dish, and there was plenty of it!

I went the other way and ordered the wood grilled assortment.

Wood Grilled Assortment

Chef’s choice of three fish (cooked medium rare), shrimp, scallops, choice of two sides

The chef’s choice was salmon, tuna, and mahi. I chose rice pilaf and the broccoli and cheese as my two sides. What a great combo!

Look at all that seafood! Unfortunately, I decided at the last minute to have them grilled in the Cajan spices. It was great, don’t get me wrong, but it was a bit overpowering. I love the natural tastes of seafood and it was a bit lost in this dish.

We left the restaurant with so many leftovers and no room for dessert. I may or may not have had to unbutton my pants in the car ride home.

Legal Seafood scored a 7/10 on the Sullivan Scale! We will certainly be back. 🙂


What is your favorite seafood?

What is your favorite eat so far this week?


12 thoughts on “WIAW: Pomogranates & Popcorn

  1. I love this post because honestly it’s food that I could see myself eating. Often times I see bloggers who post things and I’m like…uh what the fff is that but this food all looks great. Have a great day friend!

    • Right?! Not to be foodist, but if I see things like “organic coconut flour” and “vegan” I immediately stop reading. I am not ashamed of my food choices and I’m not gunna try to glam them up for readers. Good food is good food!

  2. I agree I see food I eat on here too!! The pomegranites (I have a giant one at home I have to crack open…) and the laughing cow cheese… the calamari though not sure I could go there :p

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