Not So Thirsty Thursday

I cannot believe it’s Thursday! Where has the week gone? And it’s COLD! We finally caved and turned the heat on last night. I am siked for the holiday season but not the weather.

First off, does anyone else watch the show American Horror Story Asylum?! Nolan and I just started watching this season and it is twisted!

It’s pretty….disturbing? Is that the word I am looking for?

This season is actually based on a mental institution in Massachusetts. One of the murders mentioned in the show actually took place in Framingham.

I generally don’t get too scared when it comes to religious stuff  like exorcisms but this show is so twisted/interesting that I can’t stop watching. Poor Nolan has had to endure many Wednesday nights sleeping with the lights on.  Def check it out if you haven’t already.

**Oh and before I jump into yesterday’s menu, I want to welcome my 400+ new readers!! (Thank you again Obama) If you are reading any of these posts and you are totally lost, check out my cheat sheet.

Ok onto the good stuff.

So I certainly didn’t make any friends yesterday in the teachers’ room when I heated up my lunch.

It’s like against the social code of conduct to reheat seafood in a work microwave. It just is. No one said anything to me, but I certainly felt guilty when people came in and asked “what’s that smell?”  I felt like saying “that would be my grilled salmon with Italian couscous. How’s that lean pocket taste?!” LOL But I digress.

I also probably pissed some people off when I made popcorn in that same microwave a few hrs later and didn’t share. 🙂 I just love the smell of popcorn.

I’m telling you, this 94% fat free popcorn from Trader Joe’s has been clutch this week! I’ve been trying to snack less and for 130 calories per bag, this salty snack has kept my cravings in check.


I was pretty shocked when I got out of work and saw this….

Oh New England.

At least this year mother nature waited until November. Last year Halloween was cancelled in most surrounding towns due to a terrible snowstorm.

What I didn’t photograph was me jump starting my car a few hrs later because I drained my battery blasting the heat and radio with my car off. Idiot. Awesome.

I got home late for dinner and we didn’t have any meat defrosted so we turned to the freezer for answers.

You may remember that we picked these up a few weeks ago, 2/$5! This time, I only made half the bag because last time I made the whole thing, I caught myself going to the fridge at all hours and helping myself to some cold raviolis. Oh the sophistication.

Since these aren’t the healthiest of options, (200 calories for 1 cup) I grabbed whatever veggies I could find from the fridge and freezer and threw it together in my current favorite pot with 1 1/2 cups of spaghetti sauce.

I managed to round up some fresh basil, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and frozen peppers and spinach.

I am not ashamed to admit that we buy $1 spaghetti sauce. With the amount of fresh ingredients/spices we add to our food, who cares?

Sooooooooooooooooooooo good! We will def be picking up a few more bags of these on our next shopping trip.  Total cost of this dinner, about $3.50 total!

So quick fitness update for the week.

Sunday: 10 miles on  stationary bike

Monday: 3 mile run with Brian.

Tuesday: 30 minutes on stationary bike

Wednesday: lazy day

Thursday (today): 2 hrs volleyball

Not bad but not fantastic.

I have however been doing a great job drinking throughout the day. The problem is I am NEVER thirsty so I literally have to set an alarm to remind myself to drink some water. I’m hoping the extra hydration will alleviate some of my leg cramps that have been holding me back the past two weeks.

IDK if I mentioned this before or not but a few weeks ago when I was running, my left foot fell asleep completely. Like full on pins and needles. It slept through miles 2 and 3 and woke up during mile 4. Is this hydration issues? I’m not gunna Google it because I’ll convince myself I have a blood clot or tumor. Damn Web MD.

Ok time for work, tutoring, and some volleyball tonight! Thank goodness we prepped a crock pot creation last night so I don’t have to think about cooking tonight. Enjoy the day!


What shows do you watch regularly this season?

What’s for dinner tonight?



7 thoughts on “Not So Thirsty Thursday

  1. My boyfriend warmed up some seafood in the microwave over the weekend and when I went to heat up some water for tea the next morning, I went gagging 😐 I wasn’t too mad though because he said the food was delicious.

    Has the foot thing happened again? It happens to me sometimes if I tie my shoelaces too tight. For some reason, I tend to tie the laces on my right shoe tighter and then it either goes numb or the top of my foot hurts and I freak out figuring I totally injured myself. Then I re-tie my shoes and it goes away and I feel all dumb until it happens again. It’s probably nothing to worry about unless it keeps happening.

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