Monday Montage

Good morning all. How was your weekend? Mine is actually still going on because today is Veterans day. Our apartment is in complete shambles due to a late night football/hockey party. I have a mountain of dishes to do but first, here are some clips from this weekend.

***Remember my Monday Montages are a way for me to have  guilt free weekends away from blog-land. I am encouraging others to do the same, and I hope to sponsor MM link ups in the future! If you post something similar, please attach your blog URL in the comment section. :-)

Bread baking

Trader Joe’s shopping

Breakfast at Stephan Anthony’s

Running at Cushing

Lunch at Panera!

Sunday’s football spread (went a bit crazy. Hey we had to make up for last week’s bye week)

Ok time to tackle the mess in the kitchen and figure out how I plan to spend my day off. 🙂



How did you spend your weekend?

What is your favorite tailgating snack?


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