Ultimate Football Foods

Such a great day off!  Nolan also took a personal day so he could stay at home all day and spend time with me play video games. After we tackled the mess that was our apartment, it was time for brunch!

I couldn’t make up my mind this morning so I had an assortment of things. A slice of pumpkin bread, 1 egg and 1 egg white scrambled, and 1/2 a banana.

After breakfast we headed to the dog park to meet up with my brothers and crazy Casey. Our dog is just insane!

Remember 5 days ago when it looked like this?

Well take a look at today’s weather.

Oh New England.

After an hr long walk through the woods, it was time for some lunch.

I mixed in some very cherry mix from Trader Joe’s and topped it with some granola.

Looks messy but it’s delicious.

That was all it took to fill me up. I guess I’m still pretty full from yesterday’s festivities.

Can you blame me?!

Typically for Sundays, Nolan and I make 1 or 2 main food item and everyone else pitches in for the feast. This week, Nolan’s project was wings!



Nolan’s wings are great! He cuts and clips them into drumsticks and wings, seasons them, batters them, fries them, and then bakes them in various sauces. They are incredible!

Last time we went shopping we spotted these:

They were buy 1 box, get 2 free! It could be anything, and as long as it’s buy 1 get 2, we will buy it. Guaranteed.

We broke out 2 of the boxes for the game. I made a little mix of ketchup and cocktail sauce to dip them in which was a phenomenal call on my part!

At the last minute, I decided to make some guacamole. Nolan’s very jealous because my guac was out of this world good and better than any guac he has ever made. 🙂 The secret? Extra lime juice, garlic salt, and turkey bacon.

I paired it with guilt free corn tortilla chips from Trader Joe’s.

Nolan’s sister Ashley brought over cheese and crackers and a buffalo chicken dip with carrots and celery. I could have sat with a spoon and eaten this whole dip.

Plate 1

Plate 2

Plate 3

To be honest, after plate 3, things got kind of hazy. I will not try to justify my eating, BUT I did run 3 miles before people came over AND I didn’t eat anything else that day.

Topped off with an exciting Patriots win, it was a perfect Sunday afternoon.

Oh and before I forget again, we have some exciting Sullivan news! Nolan’s sister Ashley and her boyfriend Shawn are having a baby!!!!!

Yup, there’s a baby in there!

I CANNOT wait for this baby. Luckily they find out the sex next month because I am dying to buy some tiny clothes. 🙂


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