A Few Day’s Off

Hi everyone.

I took a few  days off of blogging. My grandmother passed away earlier this week. She had been sick for a long time and she is certainly in a better place, but it’s still very hard to lose a loved one, especially so close to the holidays. Needless  to say I haven’t felt like sitting down and typing.
I still don’t.

Here is a quick fitness update:

Sunday: 3 mile run at Cushing

Monday: 1 hr walk at Callahan state park

Tuesday: 3 mile run, treadmill

Wednesday: lazy day

Last night’s dinner:

Pork tenderloin, acorn squash, and cheesy broccoli with rice (side steamer).

The pork loins were buy one get 2 free!!! 2 free!  So exciting. Needless to say we have a freezer full of pork.

I had never cooked acorn squash before, but thanks to Google it was very easy. I sprayed each half with cooking oil and sprinkled with some garlic salt. It took about 45 minutes to be tender. I am not 100% sold on it, but it was tasty enough. At this time of year, I will take any fresh veggies I can get. The pork on the other hand was juicy and full of flavor. I did cut off some of the fat (just some 🙂 ) so it wasn’t too chewy or greasy. It’s a nice change from the typical chicken dinner.

I took the next few days off from work to get ready for the emotional weekend ahead, and to spend some time with my family. Catch ya later.


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