Listen to Your Body

Everything happens for a reason.

I went to the doctor last week because of my virus, and while I was there they drew blood to check my thyroid levels. I am supposed to be going every 8 weeks to have it checked, but week 8 last fell in the middle of the honeymoon. I had been putting it off, and putting it off because I HATE having blood drawn, and even more than that, I HATE the smell of hospitals.

Long story short, the doctor called and told me my thyroid levels were “wayyyy off” all the sudden and that she was upping my hypothyroid meds on a trial basis to get it under control.( Click here for the full thyroid debacle)

Honestly, if I hadn’t gone in for the virus, who knows when I would have found out. Stupid, stupid me.

As soon as she said it, a few pieces began to fall into place. Remember that 8 pounds that I have been struggling to lose? Remember when my feet kept falling asleep while I was running? Those are all symptoms of a thyroid imbalance. Once again, my body was trying to tell me something, and I refused to listen. UGH!!!!

Well hopefully the new dose of meds will get my mind and body back on track because right now, I cannot even see a clear path. You know when you find out something is wrong and all the sudden you are super aware of it? Well ever since I got that phone call I have been experiencing every symptom of hypothyroidism there is, including the depression and anxiety. It’s that  “my body is not my own” feeling.

Sorry for the frustrating post, but I rly needed to vent. 🙂 Luckily, it’s the holiday season and I have plenty of Christmas music to snap me out of my blah stage.


3 thoughts on “Listen to Your Body

  1. Ugh 😦 Feel better Katy, and know that I am always thinking of you. The holidays are here. Try to enjoy them as much as possible. I’ve found keeping your mind occupied is one of the biggest gifts you can give your body.

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