Date Night: Musical Forks

Holy sore muscles! I may have gotten a bit overly excited at the gym this week, and forgotten the fact that I haven’t worked out in 5 months. Man am I paying for it now.

This week, Nolan and I started something new.  Recently, we have been in a rut. I am sure you are probably thinking “You have only been married for 2 months!” but we have been dating for 7 years! Majority of our nights are spent on either end of the couch, me watching tv, him playing video games.

After some discussion, we decided to instate a date night once a week. Since we are still at that age where we like to spend our weekend nights with friends, we landed on Tuesday nights. Date night doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive or eccentric. Dinner, take out, movies, whatever.

Since we tend to be very indecisive, we decided that one of us will be in charge of planning date night each week. That person will plan the entire evening, drive, and pay. (Charging it to our joint account just seems less romantic.) To keep it interesting, we made it a little competition to see who can plan the better date. haha

So this week, I was in charge of date night. After I hit the gym, I came home, showered, and got all dolled up. 🙂 I made a reservation at a new (to us) restaurant, Tavolino in Westborough. I had seen Tavolino on Phantom Gourmet before, and I was SO siked to try out their food AND I found a Groupon for 50% off! 

** I am not throwing him under the bus, but Nolan HATES when I take pictures of my food. He despises drawing attention to himself, and the thought of a bright flash going off in the middle of a dimly lit restaurant makes him crazy. So, I abstained from snapping away. (I twitched the whole time because the food looked absolutely incredible and would have been so photogenic. 😦 )**

However I searched and searched and managed to find a few internet food pics which resembled our dishes.

Our meal began with artisan bread with a delicious seasoned olive oil.

To start off, we ordered the Mussels Bianco.-Fresh prince Edward island mussels steamed in white wine with garlic and herbs

These were just as fun to eat as they were delicious! I had never actually had mussels before.  The mussels were cooked perfectly. They were plump and not the least bit chewy. The garlic and herb sauce was so decadent but light. We were kicking ourselves for not saving some bread to soak up the extra sauce. We may or may not have used empty shells to scoop some up for sipping. 🙂
When it comes to ordering, we generally get opposite meals and split them. Best of both worlds. However, I always end up liking Nolan’s meal better. Not this time! I won this round of ordering.
Nolan’s order:
Grilled Steak Tip & Wild Mushroom Penne.- Marinated steak tips, mushrooms, tomatoes, and scallions, sauteed in a gorgonzola cream sauce tossed with penne pasta.
This picture doesn’t do his meal justice.  His was served on a long rectangular plate, piled high with steak. Now, you would think I would have LOVED his meal (I mean come on it’s steak) but I like my steak naked, not drenched in fancy sauces. HOWEVER, this gorgonzola cream sauce…. out of this world good. It was rich and creamy and velvety smooth! We both agreed we would have ordered a bowl of it if it was socially acceptable.
My order:
Veal Saltimbocca– Sauteed with white wine, prosciutto, sage, asparagus, and smoked mozzarella cheese; served over linguine.
I searched for a VERY long time for a suitable picture, and nothing even comes close. Sorry.
Picture this, on a rectangular plate, on steroids! This meal…. it’s easily the best thing I have eaten in a very long time. Veal is incredible. It just is. It’s juicy, tender and full of flavor. This plate took it to a whole other level, and topped it with hunks of prosciutto! The flavor combination was unbeatable.  From now on, I am putting bacon on all my pasta dishes.
So we sat, played musical forks (kept trading each other bites), and enjoyed a special night out.  We even took turns ragging on the people around us. The guy at the table next to us left 4 perfectly good bites of steak on his plate!  NSLB! (No Steak Left Behind.)
We both cannot wait to go back to Tavolino again. Apparently their pizzas are incredible! Luckily, there is still some time left before the Groupon Deal expires!
When we got home, I had rented a movie from Redbox for us to watch, Moonrise Kingdom.
Nolan and I may have the same pallet, but our taste in movies is astronomically different so we rarely watch them together. I figured a movie with Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, and Edward Norton was a safe bet. Who doesn’t love them?
This was a hilariously strange movie. It may have just been the two glasses of wine I had with dinner, but I loved it and it kept Nolan’s attention for a whole 2 hrs which is certainly saying something. 🙂
It was a great night and I had so much fun planning and preparing.  I cannot wait to see what Nolan has in store for us next Tuesday. To be honest, just knowing I wont have to plan a thing makes it a perfect night already.
What is your idea of a perfect date?

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