Bacony Goodness

Morning! Ugh this cold weather is REALLY making it hard to get up in the morning.

OK, I have 2 must try ingredients for ya.



Nolan and I are huge fans of these Green Giant Steamers. There is a wide variety of bags, and they make perfect sides to our carnivorous meals. HOWEVER, we recently discovered another great use for them:




Good thing I married Mr. Outside the box, because I would never have thought to use these veggies in this way!  The portion in the bag was just right for stuffing 2 -2 egg omelets!  Pure genius.


Last month a coworker of mine had a Pampered Chef  party. I couldn’t go, but I DID order a few new spice rubs to try out. IMAG4230

Smokey Applewood, Jamaican Jerk, and Spicy Tangerine.IMAG4231

Last night we defrosted a pork tenderloin and decided to give the Applewood rub a try!


Holy bacon! Pork  + Applewood = bacon!


It formed a nice crust on the top of the pork, and gave it a great bacony flavor. It really did have a smokey flavor, which probably would have been even more irresistible if it had been cooked on the grill instead of the oven.

I just love discovering new ingredients!

Alright, time to hit the road.

Song of the Day:

12 Pains of Christmas


What is better than bacon?!


One thought on “Bacony Goodness

  1. OMG that pork looks AMAZING! i seriously do not eat pork enough. i even seem to pass it up at restaurants in favor of things like steak and seafood. a great rub can REALLY make a meal and it seems like you picked a great one to pair with that pork. oh and that omelet stuffing looks so great too!

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