HO HO HO! Presents, Pancakes, and Jose Cuervo.

Good morning troops! Next week at this time, I will be patiently waiting for Nolan to wake up so we can open presents! (Yes, I’m 5.) Since I always appreciate a good survey and I am just full of Christmas spirit, I thought this holiday questionnaire was very appropriate to complete this morning. Enjoy.

1.       Favorite Christmas Album/CD/Song?

WHAM Last Christmas, and anything by Bing!
2.       Run on Christmas morning or take the day off?

Day off? How about week lol
3.       What do you usually eat on Christmas morning?

On Christmas morning we go to my parents house. After presents, my dad makes us a big breakfast with sausage, bacon, pancakes, eggs and homefries.
4.        Favorite holiday or Christmas tradition?

I am a tradition whore. I love them all! However, one of the more unique holiday traditions that I look forward to is the Jose Cuervo Wrap-a-thon! (copywrite pending) lol.

This tradition began about 5 years ago. A few days before Christmas, my mom and I get a bottle of Cuervo and some scotch tape and wrap all the Christmas presents. I particularly love this tradition because I get to see what everyone else is getting before they do. 🙂 Needless to say, by the end of the night the wrapping looks rough.

This also gives me a chance to help write out the gift tags. When my mom wraps our presents she makes them be from various people. Every year I get presents “from” old teachers, coworkers, and yes, ex-boyfriends. This was particularly embarrassing at age 14 when the 10 pack of underwear was from the cute boy in my algebra class. Now it’s ust a comical tradition. It certainly adds Christmas cheer haha.
5.       Real tree, fake tree or no tree?

I enjoy the convenience and economic value of our fake tree, but a real tree just brings so much more Christmasness to the Holiday season. Nothing beats that smell.
6.       Christmas pajamas… yay or nay?

7.       Where do you spend the holidays?

This gets tricky this year. We are sooo lucky to have about 80% of our family within a 15 minute radius so there are always plenty of holiday options! My dad’s side of the family celebrates on Christmas Eve, and my mom’s side of the family celebrates the day after Christmas.  Nolan’s family also celebrates on Christmas Eve, so I am not quite sure what my plans are yet. However we spend the holiday, it will be with family and friends which makes us very lucky!
8.       Food that you always have during the holiday season? Favorite Christmas food/treat?

COOKIES. I am not a crazy sweets lover, but I go a bit crazy during the holiday season.

9.       Open presents all at once or take turns?

Take turns. We like to see what everyone gets, and I hate to miss the look on peoples’ face when they open my present. 🙂
10.   Favorite Christmas(ish) movie?

The original Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer, and The Grinch (the cartoon).

Now it’s your turn! Pick one of these holiday questions to answer and share your happy holiday traditions!

Song of the Day:

White Christmas by Bing Crosby


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