Foodie Wall of Shame

This weekend, Nolan and I met our friend Jake at a new local eatery in Framingham. LandoZ Hometowne Grille just had its grand opening this month.


We are always looking for great food close to home, so I was pumped to hear this place just opened up. In the past, this site has housed several restaurants that have failed, but from our experience, I certainly foresee a future for LandoZ.

Nolan judges a restaurant by their burger. A burger says a lot about a restaurants basic food abilities. He ordered the “Big Daddy Burger.”


It was a standard cheeseburger with two patties, ketchup, mayo, lettuce, and tomato.  Nolan approved of the meat/bun ratio.


I actually ordered a grilled chicken panini, but they ran out of ciabatta bread so they were nice enough to make my panini into a club on wheat bread.

I ordered it with “Everything on it” which included lettuce, tomato, American cheese, and sauteed peppers and onions.


Look at all that stuffin!


I only managed to eat half this sandwich, and saved the other half for dinner. It was honestly, out of this world good! They should probably make this grilled chicken panini club on the menu. The peppers and onions totally made the sandwich. I don’t think I will ever eat a regular chicken or turkey club again. And the fries! They appeared to be hand cut and they were so addicting. I ate all of mine and most of Nolan’s. 🙂 No shame.

LandoZ has a small dining area, and they do take out orders. The service was fantastic, and very accommodating. (They did tailor my order for me).

While browsing the menu, Nolan came across the “Double Dog Dare Challenge!” The it requires the challenger to eat two fully dressed “Big Dogs and a pound of fries is 20 minutes.

If you succeed, your meal is free, you get a t-shirt, and your name goes on he wall of fame. If you lose, you pay for the meal and your pic goes on the dreaded wall of shame. Nolan is currently training for this challenge and anticipates crushing it in record time. I told him he better, because no husband of mine can be on a food wall of shame.

Needless to say, we will certainly be eating at LandoZ a lot!


What do you think?

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