World Ended

So according to the Mayans and John Cusack, today is the day the world ends. Although I am an avid Cusack fan, I do not believe this to be true, however it did get me thinking about the way I live my life.

We all spend a lot of time bitching about our lives. It’s so much easier to point out the bad than the good sometimes. Plus, venting is just good for the soul. Today, I am going to focus on the positive.

If today was the last day of Earth, would you be happy with the way you live your life?

After about a half second of debate, I reached the decision that YES! I am very happy with my life, and I have no regrets.

Even if I die tomorrow I can say that I……

  • Am a very happily married girl!

  • Like (believe me it’s more impressive than love) my family and spend my free time accordingly.

  • Have always eaten what I want. I’m sorry, but if vegans and vegetarians think they are really living, they are misteakin. (Like what I did there?)


  • Have a job that I love, and I’m respected for it. (I wish I was paid accordingly but oh well)
  • Have done some traveling



  • Have been to Fenway Park….Many times! (Might not seem like much, but as a baseball fan, it matters.)

  • Have  seen every episode of Seinfeld.

Impressive huh?!

Things I still want to do before I die (when I am mentally and physically able to do so)

  • Have babies (In the way future)
  • Jump out of an airplane
  • Get a pack of dogs

  • Meet Rob Thomas

  • Go to a championship sporting event
  • Brew my own beer
  • Have a published food review/recipe
  • Get on TV (not just a jumbotron)

I dream big huh?


What about you?

What’s one thing you love about your life?


6 thoughts on “World Ended

  1. Awesome post & I am happy the world didn’t end (those Mayans need to get their $hit straight next time!). I would say one thing I love is that I too have been able to travel, worldwide & even lived in China for a year. Happy Holidays lady!

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