Here Comes the Snow

I hate cats, but this just made me laugh this morning.

I definitely felt like this at 9:00 am and I had to force myself to get up and not sleep the day away. I have to hurry up and run my  errands this morning because…..


We are right on the line between 4-6 and 6-9.

I am so excited. I hope we get enough snow to actually stick this time and maybe get some sledding time in! (Yes, I’m still 5)

Ok, almost Phantom Time!

Enjoy your day!

Song of the Day:

Right Me Up- State Radio


3 thoughts on “Here Comes the Snow

  1. Happy Weekend! I don’t like cats either, but that is funny! I woke-up to unexpected snow here in STL, not enough to sled though. I’ll send good vibes your way for the sledding!

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