Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes

Nolan is crazy. If you know him, or read SLF often, you know this. But like every crazy person, he is also a genius. A culinary genius that is. He is always trying crazy concoctions and stretching ingredients to their limit.

Besides my beautiful self, Nolan has one love. Buffalo Chicken. He will eat anything dipped in blue cheese, and has been known to pour hot sauce on just about everything.

What hasn’t he buffaloed?! (yes it’s a thing, a verb actually.)

Meatballs, mac&cheese, chili, burgers, the list is endless


This time, Nolan took it to the next level. Buffalo. Chicken. Cupcakes.



They really are simple to make. You basically make a buffalo chicken dip and pour it into pizza dough cups.

It’s important to fill the cups to the top with the buffalo dip. This ensures an optimal buffalo chicken/bread ratio.


I like that they are unique and an eye popping appetizer! 


They were a huge hit with our friends, and definitely something Nolan will make again for our tailgating parties!


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