Recipes: Dip and Deer

Last Sunday, Nolan and I broke out the triple crock pot and I attempted a new recipe: Homemade spinach and artichoke dip. I wanted to try making a healthier version, because I always eat way too much. 🙂

Here’s what I came up with:


It came out pretty good! You could tell it wasn’t full fat, but it was certainly worth it!


One of our goals for 2013 is to eat more diverse meats so imagine our excitement when we were recently given the opportunity to have fresh venison meat. Nolan’s sister’s boyfriend loves to hunt, and he recently got his first deer!

As a true foodie, I like to see where my food comes from. It’s not always glamorous, but I really think it’s important to be aware of what you are putting into your body.

**WARNING** The following pictures are a bit graphic. If you are a vegetarian,  animal lover, or my mom, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN or SCROLL REALLY FAST!

I mean it mom…..






He was nice enough to give Nolan and I a few steaks and some stew meat. We are still unsure what we will do with the stew meat, but we finally cooked up the steaks.

We did our homework first, and talked to people about the best way to cook venison. It’s a very lean meat, and it cooks very fast. We took others’ advice, and cooked the steaks in a pan with a little bit of salted garlic butter. The butter gives the meat a little added fat and flavor.

I have never prepared game before.  I was a bit unsure of the cook time, but I wanted to make sure I fully cooked it because it was so fresh.


 I actually took it off too soon and had to re cook it. oops!

At first glance, it certainly looked like beef, however with the first taste, it proved to be quite different. I had never understood what people meant when they said something tasted “gamey“, until now. It tastes like steak but with a much stronger flavor. It’s definitely much leaner which made it tougher to eat because there wasn’t any melted fat to tenderize the meat. I dipped mine in a bit of A1 sauce which was delicious!

I really loved the flavor, but I couldn’t get the picture of the dead deer out of my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I still ate every bite, but it certainly made me appreciate my food and savor it in a new way.


So far, I think my first attempt at cooking game was a success! I want to find a superb recipe for the stew meat before I attempt venison part II. Any suggestions?


6 thoughts on “Recipes: Dip and Deer

    • Thanx! Even all the guys ate it with no questions asked. I’m always worried about healthifying things when there are men around because I feel like they can smell a fat free/low cal dish from a mile away lol. Fooled them on this one though!

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