Conning Cutlery

Ok, have you guys heard/read about this new invention called the HAPIfork?

It doesn’t calculate calories (yet) but it does yell at you if you put too much food in your mouth. It’s embedded with sensors which calculate how much food you are putting on the fork, and how frequently you are lifting the fork and eating. The info is then transferred to a computer app which analyzes your eating habits and coaches you to make healthier decisions.

I’m going to give you a minute to form an opinion on this gadget…..

Is it bad that the first thing I did was brainstorm all the ways I could fool this fork?!?! Then I snapped out of it and realized “wait a minute, why am I trying to con cutlery?!”


We are smart enough to develop a piece of silverware that calculates food intake, but not smart enough to realize when we are full? WOW. Fat America at its finest.

When I told Nolan about this, he asked “does the spoon tell you if your soup is too hot? Because that would be useful!”

Ok, what are your thoughts?! Would you buy this product?


10 thoughts on “Conning Cutlery

  1. Wow, no I had never heard of it. That’s so interesting and sad at the same time. Though with technology, I bet the thing is going to make millions. The problem is we have all these bandaids to cover up the bigger issue…obesity…as a public health person I could ramble about this for a while…but I won’t LOL.

  2. This reminds me of the fork that used to spin so people didn’t have to twirl their fork themselves to eat spaghetti. It’s just so lazy!

    As much as I somewhat am mocking this in my head, and it really is silly– part of me hopes that if someone is using this it’s at least educating them to slow down, notice what they are eating, eat smaller portions, etc (after using it for a while I bet they will become more in tune with what they are eating/how much/how full they feel). Any health education tool (silly or not) is at least a start to some health education…

    • OMG I hadn’t heard of the spinning fork. I totally understand where you are coming from. I could use a reminder to slow down when I’m eating too. If this helps people gain some awareness, all the power to it!

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