Wingin’ It

Before I get to today’s food update, I need to address some tv-related things

1. This week was the first week in months that I could get through a whole episode of Parenthood without balling my eyes out.

2. Anyone else watch American Horror Story? Last night’s episode was insane. I cannot wait for the finale.

3. I recently started watching Catfish. If you aren’t familiar, it’s a show on MTV that visits people who have online relationships and then travels with them to meet the people they have been talking to. Majority of the time, they find out the people they have been “in a relationship with” for sometimes years, are nothing like they thought. It’s like a bad car crash that is on repeat. You know how it ends, but you cannot look away.

Ok onto the food!

Last Sunday I tackled another new recipe for the sake of football. (See what I did there? 😉  Since we were going to have a larger crowed than usual, and since it’s the playoffs, Nolan wanted to make his wings for our tailgaters. BUT…for the first time, he actually let me help!

Nolan buys the whole chicken wings, and cuts them into drums and wings.


Since I was helping out, I convinced him to use 1 egg and 1 egg white to dip the wings.


Can you spot the cooking beer?


Next, roll the wings around in a homemade mix of flour, breadcrumbs, and spices.

(I am not allowed to disclose the spice mix. Sorry!)


Nolan breads them all the same way, fries them all the same way, and adds the sauces later on.

This week’s wings got a delectable coating of buffalo sauce….

(carefully chosen after a 15 minute debate in the condiment aisle)


and honey bbq sauce (thank you fairy godmother!) 🙂




As always, Nolan’s our wings were a huge success. Both sauces got rave reviews from our friends and siblings.

The buffalo sauce had a sweet flavor and then a spicy finish. I am not  typically a buffalo LOVER (which is a huge strain on my marriage lol jk) but I kept going back to them! However, my favorite was definitely the honey bbq! I probably could have just drank this sauce. ….Don’t judge. It’s delicious. All of Stonewall Kitchen’s products are delish!

The funniest thing though was after we cooked them Nolan hugged me and said, “You realize now that you know my wing recipe, we can never fly on the same airplane again. This was a big step for us. Like, bigger than marriage.” …Yup, this is the person I married ladies and gentlemen.. and I kind of love it!

Song of the Day:

Muse-Undisclosed desires

Question of the Day:

What are your favorite type of wings?

Flavor debate: Sweet or spicy?


10 thoughts on “Wingin’ It

  1. My DVR is acting up so I can’t watch the latest episode of Parenthood. I’m willing to bet I’ll find a reason to cry. If anyone can, it’s me. Just watched Catfish for the first time last night, then woke up to hear of this Mati Te’o scandal. So weird!

    Spicy, with a little bit of sweet.

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