Monday Montage: Sports Galore!

Good mornin! I know it’s not Monday, but since yesterday was a holiday, it was part of my weekend! My weekend was filled with sports, sports, and more sports. We had a full house Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with anxious Boston fans. Unfortunately Sunday didn’t go at ALL as we had planned, and we witnessed a drastic end to the Patriots’ season. Luckily, the Bruins are back and appear to be better than ever!

The Boys are Back and played one hell of a game on Saturday…

…and again on Monday


Bertucci’s for lunch

Bello Italiano-Grilled Portobello mushroom with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, field greens and basil mayo and minestrone soup.

Bello Rustic Sandwich & Minestrone Soup @ Bertucci's







I received a very special packageIMAG4525

Time to get back into the work routine. IDK about any of you, but even adding one more day to my weekend really throws my motivation off!

Song of the Day:

Blind- Lifehouse


12 thoughts on “Monday Montage: Sports Galore!

  1. Sport filled weekends are the BEST!! I have to say, I’m quite sad football is about to come to an end. Yes we have hockey, but when your team (flyers) aren’t off to a good start, it’s kind of sad :(.

    Have a great week & good luck getting back into your everyday groove 🙂

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