Hello February!

Good morning and welcome to February! This week flew by and it was fabulous. Here are a few things that really made me smile this week:

**I got to go to a Gin Blossoms concert! (for free!) I am a 90’s music LOVER and the Gin Blossoms have been a long time favorite of mine. When Teresa called me to tell me their publicist gave her 2 free tickets and photo passes I screamed! It was such a great concert, and the guys sounded amazing. My review will be up on MAME Magazine asap!


**Got to love New England. I got to go ice skating, and enjoy 62 degree weather in the same week. Never predictable!


**Every few months the teachers at my school put together a giant pot luck “salad bar” for lunch. We each bring in a contributing ingredient and it’s always a fantastic spread.


Yes, I took a little bit of everything. I actually tried beets on my salad for the first time and I really enjoyed them, “They’re nature’s candy don’t you know!”-Doug Funny

**I started watching season 1 of Parenthood on Netflix! I actually laugh out loud at every episode. The grandfather reminds me so much of my grandfather who passed 7 years ago and it definitely makes me miss him.

**I sat in the parking lot of the gym for 10 minutes watching this squirrel eat a rotten banana peel. I am VERY easily amused.


**My current favorite workout top! It was a Christmas present from Mom. 🙂fsaf

**I got my tickets to this year’s Wine and Food Festival! We had so much fun last year (a little too much fun notice the red face and the random old man we didn’t know) and we can’t wait to do it all over again!

**Congratulations to Stephanie from Minnesota From Scratch who won the Black Tie Cookies Giveaway!!! I was so excited to see how any people entered this month’s giveaway. It was twice as many as my previous giveaway. 🙂 Once again I want to send out a HUGE thank you to Black Tie Cookies for sponsoring the giveaway. I cannot wait to see them at the Phantom Gourmet Wine and Food Fest next month!

Alrighty it’s time to get my day started so I can get into the weekend! Enjoy the day!

Question of the day:

What are your weekend plans?

Favorite 90’s band?


7 thoughts on “Hello February!

  1. I really like that idea of having many different people bring in a spread and making your own salad. What an awesome and creative idea! I am sad I did not win but I guess that is life…I am really enjoying the facebook updates they give!

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