Monday Montage


Teresa got her second round of free tickets this week and I reaped the benefits! We went to the new Broadway show American Idiot.


Trader Joe’s trip!

Got a few workouts in.vsd

Ice fishing and hockey!

Yes,  my “little” brothers dwarf me. Brian’s not even on skates. 😦

I am so siked for tonight because my brothers and I are going to the Beanpot!

The Beanpot is a college hockey tournament that takes place the first 2 Mondays in February which features Boston College, Boston University, Harvard and Northeastern.  Tonight we will get to see both games ( BU vs. Northeastern, and BC vs. Harvard) which are played at the garden. Next Monday, the two winners will face off for the trophy. My grandfather was a professor at Boston College, and majority of my aunts, uncles, and cousins attended the college so needless to say we will be rooting for the Eagles.


5 thoughts on “Monday Montage

  1. A couple of my friends went to the games tonight (they’re Northeastern fans). They left early but we guessed BC won since they were so far ahead. Congrats to both teams! Have tons of fun celebrating!!

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