Best Beer For Your Buck

It’s no secret that I like my beer.

I am always looking for new brews to try, and some of my favorite places to eat double as breweries. However, beer is certainly not good for your waistline, and  it’s caloric value is often overlooked. I recently came across a few blog posts that discuss this issue, and offer some low cal alternatives.

(Based on 12 oz)

Wachusett Blueberry- 160 calories 4.5% ABV

Shock Top-  168 calories, 5.2% ABV

Blue Moon- 171 calories 5.4% ABV

Budweiser-145 calories, 5.0% ABV

**There are many new lighter options available, but how many calories are you really saving?**

Miller 64- 64 Calories, 2.8% ABV – This sounds great, but only 2.8%?!?!? Oh and it tastes terrible.

Bud Light- 110 calories, 4.2% ABV

Michelobe Ultra- 95 calories, 4.1% ABV

I think my favorite lighter option is Bud Light Plantum!-  137 calories 6.0% ABV

Yes this beer has 1.0% more ABV than Budweiser, and less calories! Oh, and it tastes great! I know it has a lot more calories than the other light beers, but with a 6.0% ABV you get the most bang for your alcoholic buck. I have 2 of these and call it a night. That’s 274 calories. I would have to drink 4 1/2 Miller 64’s for the same ABV which would be 288 calories of beer flavored water.

Some food for thought! 🙂


Favorite brew? Adult beverage?


13 thoughts on “Best Beer For Your Buck

  1. I love to see other bloggers and their reviews of certain beers. Personally I’d rather go with a darker brew, while yes more calories I find I don’t crave as much. My housemate absolutely loved budlight platinum last year. Our fridge was always stocked with it LOL

    • Your post was actually what inspired this one! I was going to pick some up until I saw the alcohol content. I bet they are good beers to drink when eating. You get that beer taste without all the fullness.

  2. My beer hobby ultimately led me to join Weight Watchers, which has an easy point system for tracking calorie intake. For anyone familiar with tracking WW points:
    Miller 64 = 2 points
    Mic Ultra = 3 points
    Standard light beer = 4 points
    Standard beer = 5 points
    For game-watching, when I know I’m going to enjoy more than a few brewskis, my go-to is Mic Ultra. I’ve acquired a taste for it and I love those slim cans. Another great option is Guinness – 125 calories (4 WW points) and full of flavor.

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