Surviving Nemo

Well, we survived!

Here’s a little play by play for ya…

Friday, February 8th:

10 am


12 pm



3 pm



Saturday, February 9th:

9 am

snow 5





The Totals:


(We live in Framingham)

Now the dig out begins! We were outside bright and early to move our cars so plows could come clear our parking lot. It took our building about 2 hrs to dig out all the cars and move them safely, but now it’s done! Time for hot cocoa, Phantom Gourmet (dvred), and some soup. I hope everyone was as lucky as we were and kept their electricity and stayed warm!

Questions of the Day:

Were you impacted by Nemo?/How much snow did you get?

What is your favorite snow day recipe?


10 thoughts on “Surviving Nemo

  1. We got about the same amount. My car is still buried, though! I used to love snowstorms when I was little but now they just make me want to move somewhere tropical hah.. But I had it really easy, no problems with electricity or anything. Enjoy the hot cocoa and the Phantom!

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