Loaded Potato Soup

I have a comforting recipe to share with you all today, but first, I want to share some things that made me smile yesterday.

  • Boston College won the Beanpot Tournament last night!


We couldn’t find affordable tickets but we were there in spirit!

(My brothers and I at round 1 last Monday)

  • Being a teacher totally rocks sometimes. 🙂


Okay, onto the food!

During the storm Nolan and I really wanted to make something in the crock pot but we were pretty strapped for ingredients.  Since nothing in walking range was open and there was a driving ban, we had to stretch what we had.


After doing some research in the blog-o-sphere, I finally decided to make potato soup! I’d never attempted this before, but we had all the necessary ingredients so we figured why not?!


We made some healthier modifications, mostly because we didn’t have some of the ingredients like cream, cream of chicken, or sour cream. It still came out very tasty, and better for the old waistline!


The soup was very simple to prepare and it was the perfect comfort soup for a snowy day! It’s like liquid mashed potatoes!



I garnished the soup with a few turkey bacon strips. I used Sarah’s strategy for cooking the bacon strips and they came out nice and crispy!


Another successful crock pot recipe in the books! 🙂

Enjoy the day!

Song of the Day:

Boston College Fight Song

Question of the Day:

What’s one thing that made you smile yesterday?


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