The Perfect Valentine’s Day

I had the perfect Valentine’s Day. Since Nolan and I are going to Vermont this weekend to celebrate our first married v-day, we kept it low key yesterday. However, low key does NOT mean boring!

So I was very excited to come home and have this waiting for me!


Nothing says love like a Mystery 6 pack from Trader Joe’s! Nolan certainly knows the key to this woman’s heart.

…And I know the key to his! For dinner, I made a very special trip to T.C. Lando’s!

T.C. Lando’s is an INCREDIBLE Italian owned sub shop, and if you ask Nolan, they have the greatest steak and cheese subs around.

Check out their Phantom Gourmet segment!

I ended up ordering 2 subs.

Sub # 1

Steak, Fresh Sauteed Green Peppers, Onions & Mushrooms with Sweet Italian Sausage, Savory Pepperoni, Imported Genoa Salami and Melted Italian Provolone Cheese with Fresh Tomato Sauce


Sub # 2

Buffalo Bomber:
Chicken Cutlet Coated In Buffalo Sauce, Chunky Bleu Cheese Dressing, Lettuce & Tomato


Now for some size perspective….


Yea, they are HUGE!!!

I simply cannot express in words how unbelievable these subs are. Steak and cheese subs are highly underrated in my opinion.

After digesting, which took a few hours, it was time to break open the Mystery 6 packs!

Nolan’s 6 pack:


My 6 pack:

To cap off the evening, we sat on the couch and watched a few episodes of Drinking Made Easy. If you are a beer lover, and you haven’t watched this show, FIND IT! Basically, it’s a show about a few friends who travel to different cities and tour local breweries, pubs, and local flavors. The show is also a drinking game. There are a list of rules on the website to follow, like whenever you see Pleepleus, the monkey mascot, you drink! It’s a phenomenal premise for a show.

Anyway, we recorded the episode where Zane and the guys go to Burlington Vermont, which is where we are headed this weekend! We got some great tips on where to go eat and drink on our trip!

The whole evening was perfect. Great food, great beer, and a great husband. AND I got to wear my pajamas. 🙂


10 thoughts on “The Perfect Valentine’s Day

  1. I love that you say that “low key does not mean boring”. I think a lot of people get that confused and I want to be like no…low key just means not having a rager. Get that through your heads. (Can you tell I work with college students LOL).

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