WIAW:Burlington VT

This week’s What I Ate Wednesday takes place in Burlington Vermont.

Peas and Crayons

While Nolan and I were in the area we had the opportunity to try so many great local restaurants. One of the things I really appreciate about this city is that almost all restaurants purchase their products from local farmers.


One morning we checked out this place called the Skinny Pancake. This local spot serves crepes to the Vermont masses! They opened their doors in 2007 with a mission to  ” …add to the vibrancy and variety of our already-beautiful state and surroundings with unique and local food that is delicious, hearty, and affordable.”

When we first walked in, Nolan and I were a bit overwhelmed. It’s a tiny space with an even smaller kitchen!


Can you spot the Nolan?

This is the kitchen. 2 guys, 2 crepe makers, and a ton of ingredients!


After some debate I went with the Breakfast Monster

Breakfast Monster
A Shadow Cross egg, shredded Cabot cheddar, baby spinach, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, and our house-made basil- sunflower seed pesto.. 
Add bacon from Brault’s Meat Market………. (I obviously added bacon!)


How cool does this look?! I couldn’t wait to peek inside!


All the ingredients were so fresh, and the homemade pesto was to die for. The crepe was crispy on the outside but the juices inside made it soft on the inside. I loved the consistency and I would probably go to this place everyday if I was a local!


At lunch we headed to a place that was recommended by a coworker of mine called the Farmhouse Tap and Grill. We tried a few local brews that they had on tap, and ordered up a cheese platter to split.

Firm Cheese Platter-Spring Brook Farm Tarentaise, Cabot Cloth-bound Cheddar, Jasper Hill Alpha Tolman; local honey, apple butter, cranberry preserves.


This platter was one of the highlights of the trip for me. It was just as fun to eat as it was delicious!


For dinner we went to Church Street which is basically the equivalency of Faneuil Hall in Boston. We ate dinner at a bistro called Sweetwaters.

We started by splitting a cup of their Chipotle corn chowder.


For my main dish I went with the Harvest Pasta because the ingredients really intrigued me!

Harvest Pasta-
Roasted butternut squash, dried cranberries, toasted walnuts,
spinach, sage cream, Gorgonzola Cheese, penne pasta

IMAG4768It was weird because it really worked! The sweet of the cranberries balanced the savory cheese and squash and the walnuts gave it some crunch!

It was a very filling and expensive day of eats but it was definitely worth it to have the opportunity to try and savor so many local flavors!



8 thoughts on “WIAW:Burlington VT

  1. yum yum, i would love that breakfast!! i shall make a similar concoction this weekend, eggs and veggie quesadilla?? look forward to seeing more 🙂

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