Vaca Day 3!

Mornin! Man, my vacation is FLYING by! But I had another pretty productive day yesterday, and a new recipe that will be coming soon!



I promise there is yogurt under there!  A raspberry Chobani with fruit and Special K Fruit and Yogurt.


 Brian and I went on another run at Cushing Park, and it was freezing out! I couldn’t feel my ears for an hour after, I swear.

Before I took off, I pulled out the last remaining chicken breasts from the freezer, and threw them in the crock pot with a new cayenne pepper sauce we picked up in Vermont.


I just tossed them in the crock pot, covered them with sauce, and slow cooked for about 8 hrs.

PicMonkey Collage

Dinner was served with a Green Gian Steamer.


To warm up after the run, I spent some Q.T in the kitchen!

IMAG4878Recipe coming soon!

Oh, before I forget, I have a product I HAVE to share with you!

For Valentine’s Day, Nolan got me flowers, beer, and a little bit of chocolate!


I had never tried these Trader Joe’s treats before, but I LOVE salted chocolates. Best of both worlds!

Although I love chocolate, I was a bit hesitant because I can go overboard with treats, and ones coated in chocolate tend to be pricy in the calorie department. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out the label!


Only 200 calories in 11 of these! That’s less than 20 calories per candy.


These little gems are soft and chewy with a caramel center. They have such a great balance of salty and sweet. They are poppable, which can be dangerous, but they pack a chocolaty punch so they are perfect when a craving hits!

Ok, time to get moving and continue my productivity streak! I’m pretty excited because I have a sushi lunch date this afternoon with my friend Matt. It’s been a while since I had some great sushi!

Song of the Day:

Offspring -You’re Gunna Go Far Kid

Question of the Day:

Chocolate with peanut butter, or chocolate with caramel? Caramel for me, everyday.


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