Kid in a Candy Store

One of the places Nolan and I explored on our Vermont adventure was the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory. Lake Champlain Chocolates is a Vermont based chocolate company that started in 1983.


They only use high quality Belgian chocolate and all-natural and local ingredients including local Vermont cream, sweet butter, maple syrup, honey, fruits, nuts, and other natural flavors.

They make their chocolate in small batches to ensure perfection and they don’t add preservatives or additives. Lake Champlain Chocolates have 3 main stores in Vermont, but their products are distributed throughout the U.S.



When we first entered the factory, we were immediately overcome with the scent of cocoa (well I was, Nolan can’t smell).

It was the happiest smelling place I’d ever been! The factory sells packaged and individual chocolates, and they have a cafe where you can order beverages.

My favorite section of the store was the “Seconds” section. These are the candies that don’t look 100% so they sell them at half price. A.K.A the JACKPOT!

At the cafe, I grabbed two one free sample, and bought a cup of real hot chocolate.


As we sat and sampled, we had a fantastic view of the factory hard at work!

They are already hard at work making chocolate bunnies for Easter!


Of course, I couldn’t leave without picking up a few samples!



I am sooo excited to try this hot cocoa out! 🙂


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