Monday Montage: Back To Good

Well, my vacation is officially over! It had a good run, but all vacations must come to an end, otherwise, it’s called unemployment, right? I’m actually excited to go back and see my coworkers and the kids. I can’t believe we only have about 78 days left in the school year. Not that I’m counting or anything… 😉

Lunch at Panera


Did some research for my new job! (more on that later) 🙂IMAG4906

Breakfast/blogging at Panache coffee. …Yes, I brought my own scone. hahaIMAG4908

Hockey and skating!IMAG4909


Watched a Freaks and Geeks marathon

Got some more snowIMAG4915

Did some serious grocery shopping.


Anyone else very addicted to The Walking Dead right now?!?!

Song of the Day:

Matchbox Twenty- Back to Good (an amazing recent recording!)

Questions of the Day:

Winter or summer?

Which tv shows are you currently watching?


8 thoughts on “Monday Montage: Back To Good

  1. New job!!? What a hint… I’ve been reading a lot about T2 diabetes lately because it runs in my family on my dad’s side. Very curious to hear more about that 🙂 and YES I love the Walking Dead… I’m not so much of a zombie person as an apocalypse person… scary!! I also watch Girls, Big Bang Theory, Survivor and Shameless. Think I need to stock up my fridge tonight as well supposed to get several inches here in Wisconsin 🙂

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