Monday Montage

This weekend flew by. I hate when that happens! 😦

Dinner at John Harvard’s!

Blackened tilapia salad. Sry my photo got cut off!


Sampler of their Breakfast Brews


Blueberry muffin beer, bacon beer, Earl grey IPA, Espresso Nutbrown, and a Maple Porter.

Another batch of scones! This time with Blood Orange Chobani and cranberries!


I once again brought my own scone to Panache Coffee while doing my Tasterie research.


Me and 2 of the Andelman brothers at the Phantom Gourmet Wine Festival


Spray bottles with food coloring+ snow = best babysitter ever!


Ice cream with sprinkles


Thank you Pinterest!IMAG4943

Took advantage of the beautiful Spring Weather


Enjoyed some revelry hockey!

Song of the Day:

Fleetwood Mac – Landslide


Questions of the Day:

What is your favorite breakfast baked good? Mine is a sesame bagel with cream cheese!

Spicy or tangy?


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