I’m So Excited….

Morning all!

I am sooo excited because I got a very exciting package in the mail yesterday….



I finally bought myself a laptop! Isn’t she pretty?! I have been putting this off for a while now but with my new job at Tasterie, it’s much more convenient and necessary for me to have computer access on the go! I am sooo sick of trying to return emails on my phone. With Nolan’s computer geek guidance, I found the perfect computer for my needs and budget. I just love how sleek it is! AND it’s blue. 🙂 Doesn’t get much better than that in my book!

Unfortunately it came with Windows 8….. If you know me at all you know how much I just love change…not. It’s so different so its like I have to learn how to use a computer all over again.

Ok moving on…

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day here in Massachusetts. It reached about 54 degrees and the sun was shinning all day long which put me in the mood for one of these…

Spring is certainly in the air. 

We had another salad bar lunch at work yesterday. Everyone brought an ingredient and as usual, we went a bit over the top!


My salad is filled with avocado, beets, cucumber, pea pods, tomatoes, corn, peppers, and cheese drizzled with balsamic. As you know, I ‘m not someone who considers a salad a meal, but with all these toppings it certainly hit the spot and kept me full the whole afternoon.

I really wish I had some additional words of wisdom or exciting things to share, but that about sums up the highlights of my day.  Maybe today will be more eventful! 

Question of the Day:

 What is you favorite salad topping??




9 thoughts on “I’m So Excited….

  1. Avocado!! And black olives. If I can’t have both it has to be one or the other on any salad! And I know what you mean about them being a meal but when I make them at home I load them up with so much stuff I don’t have room for anything else :p

  2. Mmmm, that salad looks legit, nice work! I love to pile an insane out of ingredients onto a salad, avocado is a must as are roasted veggies & something crunchy, crackers or crumbled chips! Have fun with your laptop, new toys are the best!

  3. Avocados are just coming into season, so I’m looking forward to getting a little crazy. They’re my favorite. Please keep us updated on your Windows 8 experience. The reviews have been all over the place.

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