St. Patty’s Party

Well we certainly had a very successful St. Patrick’s Day!

Nolan and I once again played host to our friends who spent the day with us eating, drinking, and being very merry!





I attempted to keep the food on the healthier side, but that plan soon unraveled when cookies, cake, and cupcakes arrived at the table.

My trio of dips emulated the Irish flag with an orange buffalo chicken dip, a white french onion dip, and green guacamole!


I used fat free cream cheese and greek yogurt to keep some of the calories away, and served them with carrots, reduced fat Ruffles, and celery.

I discovered that our Halloween witch’s cauldrons double nicely as a leprechaun’s pot of gold! (chips and popcorn)

IMAG5038I found this great new Chex Mix that you should definitely try out!


Food coloring + beer = Irish beer!


And no Sullivan party would be complete without green jello shots!


I‘m telling you, I truly am very lucky to have such amazing friends and family. And that they can all stand to be in a room together all day haha. 

Ok, I have lots of work to do tonight, so stop distracting me! 🙂 Catch ya later. 


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