Baby Shower

On Saturday we celebrated a very happy couple and their soon to be family of 3! My sister in law and very close friend is having her first baby next month!

Don’t you hate how amazing she looks?! After the festivities of this weekend I think I look more pregnant than she does lol.
Ashley is my first friend to have a baby so it’s all very exciting!

Us girls had a very fun time planning and throwing her shower. 🙂 I think I’ve only been to 1 or 2 baby showers before so it was certainly a different experience for me.
I just loved the theme and decorations for this party.


It was so bright and colorful! We were able to find a whole bunch of decorations, invitations, favors, and everything in between to match.

We (I use this term lightly because I am sooo not crafty) assembled 2 tier diaper cakes with balloons for table centerpieces and sprinkled matching confetti on the tables for some color.


I found a great venue for very little money that also let us bring in our own food so everyone pitched in and made some yummy dishes. Nolan and I were in charge of sandwiches!



Since we were cooking for about 40 ppl, we went to BJ’s and bought most of the sandwich fillers, including this MASSIVE can of tuna!


Needless to say we know what we will be eating for the rest of the week.
And check out this INCEDIEBLE cake that Shawn’s sister made?!


I can not even fathom how much time, effort and detail when into assembling this edible artwork but I sure enjoyed eating it. 🙂

We kept it simple but we did play a few games including BINGO, a guessing game, and a diaper raffle.

Everyone really enjoyed themselves, and baby to be has everything she needs including a full wardrobe for the next 2 years!



I am just so excited for Ashley and Shawn and I cannot wait to meet the newest addition to our family! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Baby Shower

  1. Awww… I am so excited for you!!! My sister just had a baby boy (yesterday actually) and I got to make some party favors for her shower and I made her a diaper motorcycle… it was so funny.

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