Snow Day

…yup ANOTHER snow day!

It’s crazy, and I feel like a broken record. I am sooo sick of these snow storms. Tomorrow is the first official day of Spring, but it certainly doesn’t look like it outside.



We actually didn’t get THAT much snow, but it was an icy mix which made the roads very unsafe. While it is nice to be home safe, it’s going to be TERRIBLE in July when we are still in school. 😦

Here are a few scenes from my snow day.

The Today Show with Gus from Psych!

IMAG5072Caught up on blog stuff


Homemade breadIMAG5089

Got some work done


Got some things together for a very special giveaway coming up! 😉

IMAG5075 - Copy

From the looks of it outside, the roads should be all clear for tomorrow’s commute! 

Question of the Day: 

What’s the weather like where you are?

What’s your favorite thing to do on a day off?


9 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. I am sooo sick of this weather too! It is good for catching up on emails and cleaning and stuff indoors…and a good excuse for comfort food and couch time! But we have already had plenty of that this winter! Bring on spring lol

  2. It is cold here… and windy so the cold cuts right through your clothes 😦 and it depends… my last day off I visited a new swimming pool with my sister and nieces and then hung out with family for dinner. If the weather is bad though I love staying in and gaming or watching Netflix.

  3. I got hooked on Hulu during the hurricane back in October. I love all the old shows and the BBC sitcoms. Plus it’s FREE. That and a well stocked pantry has gotten me through all this weather.

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