Chocolate Chip Banana Walnut Bread







I am so sorry to have done this to you! Last week I showed you my delicious new bread and I totally forgot to post the recipe!


I’m actually very excited about this one because it came out better than any bread I have made in a very long time AND it’s basically fat free and healthy!…Ok maybe not exactly, but I did make some healthy substitutions!



Basically I used yogurt instead of oil, and as much whole wheat flour as I could. In the past I have substituted for both oil and eggs and it just doesn’t come out right, so I kept the eggs. If you have egg beaters, I’m sure that would work!

Here is a basic nutritional summery of this recipe



I based the servings on about a 3/4 inch piece. P.S I have no idea why this says “contains alcohol” lol


Honestly, I could have done without the chocolate, but Nolan wont eat bread without chocolate chips in it. 




I have been taking a piece with me every morning for breakfast. 🙂 It goes great with a hot cup of coffee!



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