Monday Montage

Good morning everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and the holiday! It was gorgeous here, and for the first time it actually began to feel like Spring! Here’s a little glance at how I spent my 3 day weekend.

Beautiful weather



Iced coffee at Cushing  Park!IMAG5135

Lunch at PaneraIMAG5139

Fro yo


Spring shopping!IMAG5154



I also had a fantastic Easter with my family, however I kept my phone in my purse so no photos. HOWEVER, I couldn’t pass up photographing this baby!


Yup! My incredibly talented aunt our did her self this year. In addition to a delicious carrot cake cheesecake, she made a Cadbury egg cake. I’m not a huge sweets lover, but o.m.g. they were the best part of the day! 

Anyone else watch last night?!?!

Alright, time to get a move on. I cannot believe it’s April 1st. I feel like a broken record, but this year is passing at warp speed. Enjoy the day!

Song of the Day:

Undisclosed Desires- Muse

Question of the day:

Given the choice between carrot cake cheesecake or Cadbury egg cake, what would you have chosen? I had a little piece of each. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Monday Montage

  1. I have a number of things to say here.. 1.) holy Walking Dead! (do we even know what happened with the Governor??) 2.) I love Muse, although I think today is more of a Madness day, I still love Undisclosed Desires. 3.) Cadbury Egg Cake!!!

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