Food Tips and Tricks

We lucked out and had another gorgeous day yesterday! The sun was shining, birds were singing, and I wore my bright yellow sweater to set the tone for Spring!


I ended up having a very long day yesterday at school and Tasterie and I didn’t get home until late.
Luckily Nolan was able to put together a nice spread for last night’s dinner!


He couldn’t decide if he wanted bbq pulled chicken, or buffalo pulled chicken so he just made both in the triple crock pot!



1 boneless chicken breast with bbq sauce and vinegar, and 1 boneless breast with vinegar, hot sauce and some fat free ranch.



The trick to getting the chicken to really fall apart is adding about 1 tbsp of vinegar. I believe he cooked it on high for about 4-5 hours but I’ve cooked it on low for 8 hrs and it comes out just as well. 

I’ve learned many food tips and tricks over the years from fellow bloggers and trial and error that have made my time in the kitchen quick and easy.

Here are a few for you to try at home!

  • Cover pierced fruit with lemon juice to keep it fresh

  • Roll lemons and limes before cutting them to get the juices out easily

  • Bad eggs float in water and good eggs sink


  • Cold onions don’t make you cry as easily

  • Soaking berries in water and vinegar keeps them fresh longer

  • To speed up the ripening process of an avocado, place it in a bowl with bananas. Bananas let out chemicals that speed up the process. 

  • When taking the seeds out of a pomegranate  do it in a bowl of water. The seeds sink and the pulp floats so separating is easy and the juices don’t get everywhere.

It’s not rocket science or anything, but these are some things I regularly do in the kitchen that may help you as well!

Do you have any culinary tips or tricks to share?


8 thoughts on “Food Tips and Tricks

  1. I’ve never heard the berry/vinegar thing before. How much vinegar do you use and how long do you let it sit? My new favorite tip is for pan-fried chicken or fish. Instead of dredging with flour, use a light dusting of cornstarch. It makes a crispy coating the first day, and the next day’s leftovers aren’t all soggy or gummy. Of course, the microwave kills the crispy, but it’s still delicious the second time around.

    • I’ve never heard to use cornstarch! I will certainly use that next time! The water/vinegar ratio should be 3/1! It apparently kills the molds that naturally grow on berries and keeps them from fermenting longer. You are also supposed to replace the paper at the bottom of berry containers with a paper towel because it absorbs the berry juice and keeps them from rotting.

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