Pulled Pork Feast

Good morning!! How did everyone’s Monday turn out? Mine was a bit unexpected, because I got last minute Bruins tickets thanks to my friend Krista!


The B’s played a phenomenal game and it was so fun to be there to witness it first hand!


On Saturday we decided to have our friends over for dinner. We recently had our first experience at BJ’s and ended up buying this beast.

IMAG5168Yup, 7 pounds of pork butt. 

Thankfully BJ’s also had this…

IMAG51722 pounds of Sweet Baby Ray’s! 

First we gave the butt a nice rub down! In the crock pot, I put about half the bottle of Ray’s, a whole chopped white onion, and about 1/3 cup of vinegar. It cooked for about 8 hrs. 

My recipe is pretty vague because the amount of pork you have impacts the quantity of required ingredients. We had a 7 pound butt, used about 1 1/2 pounds of sauce, 1/3 cup Worcestershire sauce, and 1/4 cup vinegar.

template recipe


 8 hrs later…..


Needless to say we needed to call in some reinforcements to help us devour this meal. 

Luckily our friends are always willing to help us eat. 🙂

Side Dishes: 


What’s a bbq without cornbread right? At first I was a little taken back by this mix from Trader Joe’s  because it actually has corn kernels in it! I’m used to making the Jiffy mix which is probably very artificial. 


But it came out looking (and tasting) great!


Asparagus was $1.99lb so I grabbed 2 big bunches.


Tater Tots are a must.

Homemade potato salad


Hmmm, do you think we made enough food? 🙂

My Plate: 

IMAG5188I opted not to have my pork on a bun and instead loaded up on sides! 

Then it was time for dessert!


I saw these at TJ’s and I just couldn’t resist! They are about 60 calories a bite, and absolutely delicious! They are little bites of ice creamy, cookie crunchy, chocolatey heaven! 

It was the perfect ending to a perfect meal! Everyone enjoyed the food and took plenty of leftovers home. We really love having everyone over for dinner. Nolan and I basically spent the whole day in the kitchen cooking together which is always a good day. 🙂


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