Monday Montage: Vacation

Well, today is day one of vacation! I have a pretty extensive to-do list planned for this week, and high expectations for productivity.

QT outside


spring! IMAG5229

Out to lunch


Bought a new spring/summer wardrobe 

Yes I went a bit crazy at the mall this weekend at a store called Love Culture. I also bought some new capris at Bob’s. The best part about these place? I spent $145 on all these clothes. 6 tops, 2 sweaters, 3 tank tops, and 2 pairs of capris. Not bad, huh?! 


And no new wardrobe is complete without some new shoes!  Got to love Payless and their BOGO- 50% off sale! 4 pairs of shoes for $54. Yup, a whole new wardrobe for about $200. 


It was hard, but I had to leave the Hello Kitty flip flops behind. 😦 Oooh the selection when you have size 3 feet. 


Went to the movies

Enjoy the day

Question of the Day:

When you go to a place that offers lunch combos of soup or salad or sandwich which do you go for?

Song of the Day:

Vacation- The Go-Go’s


4 thoughts on “Monday Montage: Vacation

  1. Yesssss for vacation, enjoy! I love your “to-do” list, all look highly acceptable for vacation. I’m usually a soup & salad combo kind of girl. Enjoy your week!

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