Unbelievable Day In Boston

Yesterday was a horrific day for everyone in Boston. As most Bostonian’s do on Patriots Day, I spent my morning outside, cheering on the Boston Marathon runners.


I was at mile marker 16, only 10 miles from the finish line. It was a beautiful day outside and neither the runners nor the spectators could have imagined that the day would end like this. 

It absolutely blows my mind to think that something like this can happen. The rest of the afternoon/evening was pretty chaotic, as I proceeded to check on all of my friends, family members, and coworkers who were running and attending the race this year. Luckily, everyone was safe. My thoughts and prayers, along with everyone else in Boston are with the runners, and spectators who were affected.  

ESPECIALLY those who sacrificed so much this past year to train for this event and  were robbed of the opportunity to cross the finish line.

Krista made it to mile 20 before being stopped by police. Such an amazing accomplishment, and I know she would have finished if given the opportunity. Please read about her inspiring, emotional experience. 

Of course, Bostonian’s are handling this event appropriately. 

I am not going to dwell over this, because those responsible don’t deserve the publicity.


After a long afternoon, it was nice to come home to a crock pot full of food. 

I used this recipe, and prepped it before I headed out for the day. 

template recipe44


I’m pretty excited that asparagus is back in season. It’s up there with peppers as my favorite veggy!

**Side Note-Funny story: When I was in kindergarten, we made a class cookbook of our favorite foods. Some kids picked brownies, cookies, mac and cheese, and I had asparagus. What a weirdo. 

**Side Note #2 semi inappropriate story- Asparagus only makes about 40% of people’s pee smell. It doesn’t effect me, but I’m told it can have a stinky effect on some people.


I have a busy day ahead of me and a serious to-do list to tackle. 


  • Go to the gym
  • Clean out car
  • Put away winter clothes/take out spring clothes
  • Take clothes to good will
  • Spend some time outside
  • Eat yummy food

Enjoy the day

Song of the Day:

Dirty Water- Standells


8 thoughts on “Unbelievable Day In Boston

  1. Glad you are safe!! That is really interesting about asparagus and pee only effecting 40% of people because everyone in my fam is def effected by it. So gross. haha That crock pot recipe looks delish! Keep your up, Boston.

  2. Happy to hear you are doing well. Scariest day ever! I had walked by the spots on boylston street just MINUTES before the incidents. Feeling super lucky and extremely sad to all those who were in fact affected !!!

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