Comfort Food

Morning all. This vacation is flying by. On today’s agenda, I need to start getting things together for my big trip this weekend!

Yesterday….was also pretty unproductive. I got a run in, and I went to my brother’s baseball game, but other than that I spent the day glued to the tv and entranced by the events that have continuously transpired in Boston.


(this ended up being a false statement, they never made the arrest)

It seemed like every hour there was something new and horrific to report. From the sounds of it, they are pretty close to making an arrest, but who knows.

Oh and I also managed to eat some great food!


Blueberry almond scone and tea for breakfast. I made a huge batch of mango black tea on Tuesday in an attempt to drink more fluids. So far, it’s working!

After my 4 mile run I was craving a subway sandwich for lunch!


6 inch turkey and cheese with everything except jalapenos and olives. IMAG5289

I had some serious debates on what to make for dinner since I was flying solo! After much thought I decided to use some of our leftovers to create…


I steamed up a pepper, took our leftover meat sauce, added some leftover brown rice from last week’s stir fry, and BAM! Stuffed peppers


My mom makes stuffed peppers all the time, so they are a real comfort food for me. They are one of my favorite meals but I never think to make them for some reason. Probably because peppers never last more than a day in my house because I put them in everything!


I definitely made a good choice!’

Alright, it is time for me to get dressed and start my day! I have been doing a pretty good job of getting up early and not wasting my vacation time. I have a few fun things on today’s agenda and no time to waste. Catch ya later!



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