Rotten Bananas

I am going to take a quick detour from talking about food today, so bear with me!

There are many blogs that I read, and many different types of authors. Some are funny, some are bitchy, some are eternal optimists  and some are unbridled enthusiasts. The type of author I strive to be, is honest. I’m a non -BS person who is always willing to tell it like it is without a sweet sugar coating.

There are a few blogs I read and think “Wow they have an annoyingly perfect life.” They are always going on great trips, have countless opportunities open to them, are always eating something fantastic, and they are in the best shape.

Everything is always so positive and upbeat. And then without fail one day I go to their site and they have this closet opening post about all these terrible things that have been going on between the lines and it’s like WTF?! Why didn’t you just say so?

It’s funny because sometimes I look over past post and realize my life sounds WAY more interesting in print/photo than it seems in real life. HOWEVER I always try to be honest.

I post when recipes go very wrong,

I post when I’m grumpy

And I post about my ongoing frustration with my thyroid issues.

It’s officially been a year since I was  diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

If you need to catch up, you can read about the process.

June 2012

August 2012

December 2012

January 2013

March 2013

I look back at that first post I wrote about the diagnosis along with all my fears, which did in fact come true. To put myself totally out there, I have gained 10 pounds in the past year, without any change to my diet and exercise. My face is puffy, I have dark circles under my eyes and my mood swings are scary. It sucks. A lot. As I have discussed before, your thyroid is essentially your hormone hub and it tells the body how to store protein and fat. When it’s not functioning properly, your body doesn’t know how to store nutrients and your metabolism doesn’t operate appropriately.
I’m not writing this for a pity party or a sympathy comment, I just want to be honest and talk about my real day to day life. Although not many people in my blog life share these particular issues, everyone’s got something going on, and I just don’t see the point in masking my frustration and overall-pissed-off-ness with positivity and rainbows. Lets face it, I have never been someone who can hide my true feelings. LOL
I started my blog as an outlet for me to discuss all the flavors of my life; the sweet, the savory, and the yucky. Sometimes life hands you lemons, and other times it hands you a rotten banana. Well screw you rotten banana, I want some damn lemonade!

Question of the Day: What’s your rotten banana?


13 thoughts on “Rotten Bananas

  1. I completely agree with your sentiment. Not that I don’t prefer reading blogs with happy stories, but it’s important to be real. I think what’s even more important is not to compare yourself with the blogs where it seems like life is perfect. It usually isn’t. I think my Celiac disease was my rotten banana for a long time, but as I’ve become accustomed to the adjustments I need to make, it’s not rotten anymore.

  2. I totally see your point, but I use my blog to focus on the good in my life because I feel like I dwell in the negative too much in real life. I’m always honest, but there’s definitely things I don’t want or need to rehash on my blog. I feel ya on the thyroid issues. I struggled with hypothyroidism a few years ago, but it went away (which is really really odd and the doctors told me that doesn’t happen…). I hope you find balance soon!

      • The only thing I really did differently was tone down my workouts and actually up my food intake (which felt so wrong, but I made sure it was whole/healthy foods). I honestly think I had hypothyroidism because I worked out too intensely and wasn’t fueling my body properly, but a couple doctors told me that wasn’t possible….. but literally no doctor figured out the cause of it or fixed it properly with medication, so what do they know? Anyways, I would love to talk to you more about it. What’s your email?

  3. Honestly, I feel like this post completely reflects what I did…with my relationship last year towards the end and then recently coming out about it. Also with my diet changes, although that I was oblivious too. I always appreciate your honesty…one of the reasons I love your blog. 🙂 Keep up the amazing work Katy, and hopefully things improve with you health wise. ❤

  4. There’s a quote that I love that kind of reminds me of your post “Don’t compare your “behind the scenes” to someone’s highlight reel” – SO true.

    I appreciate your honesty. I like to think that I wear most of my emotions on my sleeve and that’s very clear when I blog (happy, sad, scared, stressed) however there are definitely some things that I don’t blog about and am not comfortable sharing with the world or putting it online… it’s definitely a balance. I do blog for ME though and welcome who ever wants to join me on my journey. 🙂

    I hope you find balance with your thyroid issues 😦 I know that mood swings aren’t fun!

    • I LOVE that quote! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I certainly agree that somethings NEED to stay behind the blog. I love how you said you blog for you. That’s so important and I love the honesty in your writing. 🙂

  5. I love your blog especially because you are so honest and real! I think it’s funny when I read other blogs and they have a “confession” post and often I end up thinking… so you have problems like everyone else? Why is this supposed to be shocking? Also I had a chicken fajita salad from a restaurant the other day and it was delicious… I asked for sour cream and they forgot… but it was so good without I wasn’t upset.

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