Flavor of the Week: Mexican

Hey all! Happy Friday!

Woo hoo! As you can see I took a few days off from the old blog because I have just been super busy.

Tuesday night Nolan and I had a late night so I didn’t have an opportunity to put a WIAW post together and Wednesday night, well I fell asleep after the Bruins playoff game.

I do however have a favorite flavor of the week to share with you all today!


This week for date night, Nolan and I were able to try a new restaurant thanks to Groupon. It was my turn to plan the evening, so I found a deal for $35 worth of food for $17 at a local Mexican restaurant. Now I am not a huge Mexican fan but it’s one of Nolan’s favorites so I thought it was worth a try. I also never buy a Groupon to a restaurant without first checking out their menu and Viva Mexican Grill passed the menu test with flying colors, so away we went!


To start, we were given complementary chips and salsa, with a choice of mild, medium or spicy salsa. Nolan of course chose spicy, and I ended up drinking 3 glasses of water as a result. LOL


After looking at the menu we realized we would have to order an appetizer to reach out $35 minimum because the entrees were so well priced! We decided on the chipotle-tinga Viva Empanadas-Handmade corn turnovers filled with queso fresco and chipotle-tinga, then fried: 6.95


Basically these were like Mexican dumblings full of delicious shredded spicy chicken! They were wrapped in corn tortillas to the outside was thick and crunchy while the inside stayed hot and juicy. And the dipping sauce they gave us? Amazing!

For my entree, I went with the fajita salad with steak. Fajita Salad-Fresh greens with cucumbers, tomatoes, and bell peppers, topped with warm grilled strips of marinated steak, and served with salsa, cheese, and sour cream: 9.95


First off, I love the way this was served. Every condiment was on the side, which gave me the opportunity to balance every bite! I wish I knew exactly which seasoning they used on this steak, but it meshed soooo well with the Italian dressing and sour cream they gave me! This “salad” was basically a plate of steak with sauteed peppers onions and tomatoes over a few leaves of lettuce. I loved it! Every time I moved a piece of lettuce I found another piece of steak! It was like Christmas!

And to top off the evening, the bill came to a whopping $2.14 after the Groupon, which means we spent $19.14 on $36.22 worth of eats. IMAG5495

What a fantastic deal. We have already decided to purchase another Groupon to this place because it was THAT good. Like I said before I’m not a huge Mexican food lover but this place tasted fresh and authentic (not that I really know what authentic Mexican cuisine tastes like).

And those were my favorite flavors of the week! 🙂


Question of the Day:

 What is the best thing you put in your mouth this week?

Song of the Day:

American Hi-Fi – Flavor of the Week




9 thoughts on “Flavor of the Week: Mexican

  1. I could eat Mexican for 6 out of 7 dinners for the week, SO yum! I’d have to say the crab cheesecake I had as an appetizer while in New Orleans earlier this week stole the show! Happy Friday.

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