Monday Montage: Family Fun


Holy fat weekend. I basically ate my way through Saturday and Sunday, Hungry Caterpillar style. Between munching while watching the Bruins, and Mother’s Day meals, I am experiencing a culinary hangover this morning.

Enough chit chat, lets get to the pics.


Watching the B’s with my bros


Packing boxes at Tasterie


My family’s attempt to take a family photo.

Arguing, laughing, crying from laughter….


And finally…



Mother’s Day with mom


I love how much we look alike in this picture. 🙂

Nolan’s Mother’s Day wings!


Mother’s Day  Brunch with the LeBlanc’s


Sausage egg and cheese casserole, bacon, hash brown, Italian green beans, monkey bread, and sooo much fruit salad.

Mother’s Day dinner at the Sullivan’s

Ribs, baked potato, beans, and fiddleheads.

IMAG5528Now do you understand the hangover? UGH.

Question of the Day:

BBQ or buffalo?


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