Before Baby Bucket List

….No I’m not pregnant. Let’s get that out of the way ASAP!

I recently stumbled upon Emily’s post titled “Before We Have a Baby” where she talked about all the things she hopes to do before starting a family with her new husband. It fit so nicely into my current situation that I just had to create a post of my own!

Nolan and I have been married over 7 months now and we inevitably get the frequent question most newlyweds do…. “So when are you two going to start a family?!” With the birth of our niece last month, the questions have been rolling in about our future bundle of joy. Although my new niece is freaking ADORABLE and her parents are beyond ecstatic, we respond while stifling the terror in our eyes with ” A few years at least.”

In today’s world more and more people are waiting until their mid-late 30’s to have children. While we are not planning to wait THAT long, there are many things we wish to accomplish before we break out the bottles.

1. Get a house- Buy, rent, whatever the circumstances, we want a space to call home. We have already outgrown our current place, but the thought of moving makes me want to throw up. I HATE moving, and I plan to do it as few times as financially and humanly possible. Nolan and I have very strict expectations for our future house. It needs to have the following- A big kitchen, a porch or deck, a backyard, a fire pit, and a meat freezer in the garage. Pretty tall order huh? Now most of these things we can add ourselves so when the time is right, I’m sure we will find what we are looking for.

2. Say goodbye to Sallie Mae. Ok, not goodbye, goodbye, but maybe wave to her from a distance. Paying off our student loans is priority one right now. We currently pay a combined $1,200 a month for past education and until that number is substantially lower, nothing else on our list can be accomplished.

3. Travel- Not to the Swiss Alps or anything, but we want to enjoy the time we have to be a bit selfish and see/eat new things.

4. Get a dog. We desperately want a canine companion to care for. Once we have the time and space, we plan to get 1 or 2 rescue dogs.

5. Grow Up. I’m still a Toys R Us Kid! I hardly consider myself an adult, and Nolan’s nowhere near the ballpark. Ok, that’s a gross exaggeration  but we still enjoy being a bit selfish and lazy. We are infamous for waiting until the last minute to get things done, letting the laundry pile up, and dishes? just laughable. We currently enjoy the ability to be immature, and that certainly needs to change before we are responsible for another life.

Now, is anyone truly ready to have a baby? Probably not. Is it imperative that all these things get accomplished before we have a baby? No.  Would it be nice? Very. Are we going to try? Yes!

So, my question of the day, what do/did you hope to accomplish before starting a family? Mothers and fathers, is there anything you wish you had done before procreating? 


3 thoughts on “Before Baby Bucket List

  1. Yes to the get a puppy part. haha. Also, I legit laughed out loud at “we respond while stifling the terror in our eyes”. Our parents always joke to me and my bf and ask us when we’re having a baby (my parents were really young when they had me & they’re totally kidding and always follow it up with “seriously though, let me be an old, ooold grandparent.” But even the jokes make me panic! haha)

  2. You guys are being so smart and responsible about everything you want to do before a baby, you guys will be awesome parents when you do decide to have kids!! I’d like to be a little more financially stable and a little farther into my career before we have kids, and the path my boyfriend and I are on, that probably will be in our mid 30s, who knows 🙂

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