Get Sconed

So as I mentioned before, I went a little scone crazy the other day. I hadn’t made scones in a while and they are really the only thing I can bake that are successful and edible. While I went for a run, I was thinking about the different combinations of scones I could make. I recently was turned onto a delicious trail mix at Trader Joe’s that immediately inspired some creations!


There are so many delicious flavors to savor in this bag! I decided to deconstruct the mix and take some of the elements for my recipes.

PicMonkey Collage

Left to right: Pineapple, mango, and macadamia nuts,   blueberries and almonds,     dried cranberries with oranges.




I started with my traditional scone mix. (minus the blueberries)



 Then I divided the dough into 3 balls and added the different ingredients to each.


I flattened each ball out and using my pizza cutter, cut them into 8 pieces.


15 minutes later….



Don’t they look good?? My kitchen however…..not so pretty. I made quite a mess! I am certainly not a ‘clean as I go’ cook. I’m more of a ‘clean as I need dishes’  kinda girl.

I have already sampled all 3 flavors and I love them all, but I especially love the blueberry almond. It goes great with my morning coffee. 🙂 Nothing like a savory breakfast to start the day!

Question of the day:

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

Running for Boston

Good afternoon everyone. I’m telling you, I am loving this vacation thing. I always said I could never be a stay at home mom, but I’m starting to second guess my life decisions. Just kidding Nolan. 🙂

As speculated I didn’t get a thing on my to-do list accomplished yesterday. I was up and dressed in my running gear by 9, but like most in the area I found myself entranced in the continuing news coverage of Monday’s event.


It was 11 before I finally pulled myself away and I am so glad I did because it was such a beautiful day! I am so grateful for all this sunshine on my vacation!


I headed to Cushing Park to run a few miles, my little tribute to Boston. The thoughts of these current events carried me through 5 miles. 

It was so nice to clear my head and enjoy

Only a true Irish can pull off a sunburn in April…..


Please excuse my hot-post run face lol.

After running, I did some lite grocery shopping and spent the better part of the afternoon in the kitchen!


I went a bit scone crazy, but once I got going, I just couldn’t stop! Thankfully my family (most of them anyway) always appreciates my scones. Some family members are still bitter about my past baking fails and still wont touch anything that comes out of my oven. 😉IMAG5278

I am hoping to be a bit more productive today…. but I’m not making any promises! Nolan’s going to the Bruins game tonight so I am on my own for dinner. What should I make???